INDIVIDUALS is a part of their setup offering a perfect add-on to the startups HR-processes making people strive in the organization by confidential and independent sparring where the founders or their employees.


How to – There are several ways to use our service:

Book a session for yourself and challenge your ambitions, goals and next steps. Some co-founders also benefit from the sessions by talking about how to deal with employees, interns, new managers, or other relevant stakeholders.

The sessions are also an offer to specific employees within the company to acknowledge, develop and retain their talent focusing on personal development, leadership skills, etc.


Worksop/ Plenary session – Example of topics

What it means to be a CEO and feeling the responsibility of leadership.

Leadership (for the first time) – and relevant tools to handle it.

Stakeholder Management (how to deal with co-founders, investors, clients/partners and family/friends).

Setting Clear Goals (Setting goals for yourself and your team).

Career Challenges (Manage the unmanageable) – Do you have a work-life balance?

Meeting other CEO’s and Founders (By knowing the participants in the program we invite 2-4 other likeminded CEO’s to share knowledge and relevant issues).