Creating certainty through broader and deeper information gained from Talent Assessment takes away some of the headaches for you in the recruitment process.
Discover hidden potential. Encourage self-insight. Give a boost to talents. Build skills. Inspire learning and development. In the current business environment change processes and adaptability are crucial for the success of any business.
While processes are being automated and many industries turn somewhat digital, it has never been more important to have a strong People & Culture setup to constitute, operate and drive the people-side of business.

talent assessment


With shortage of qualified candidates and tough competition for the best talent, the recruitment process is difficult and time consuming.


Hiring the wrong candidate can cost companies over 30% of year one earnings as reported by Forbes, and even higher for executives. The wrong choice can cause a decrease in productivity and work quality. Plus, the time for replacing and training the misplaced employee.



Preparation – It is important for us to understand your business and the role you are seeking a candidate for before during any assessments. With a clear profile to assess against, we can give relevant advice.


Reporting – The results after the assessment will be organized in an individual written report. Details about the findings as well as clear hiring and development advice will give you a better basis for making a recruitment decision.


Assessment – We will handle communication with the candidate, and create a safe environment where a candidate is guided through online and offline questionnaires, and in-depth interview focusing on personality and motivation. Candidates will be given feedback at the end of the process.


Decision – All candidates will have advantages and disadvantages, and the key is to find the right match. Especially when considering more than one candidate, we can offer advice and a professional perspective to help you make the best possible decision.

individual & team review


Discover hidden potential. Encourage self-insight. Give a boost to talents. Build skills. Inspire learning and development.


When high performing teams begin to struggle or fail to live up to expectations, the first instinct can often be to attempt to ‘fix’ particular individuals. But very often, the factors that are undermining team effectiveness will run deeper and relate to issues such as inter-team communication, decision-making processes and the team’s collective influencing style.

What you get:


Planning & Assessment – Starting with planning and thorough information about purpose and process, the participants are guided through the process by a consultant.

Using selected assessment tools and questionnaires, the consultant will evaluate the participant in the current role and look for potential and growth opportunities.


Evaluation & Opportunities – An important part of the process is to discuss the findings directly with the participant to give a better understanding of themselves within the organization. Finding an opportunity that fits their skills, experience, behavior style and cultural comfort level helps them fulfil their potential. These are employees that will stick around, increase productivity and reduce costs associated with attrition and turnover.


Individual development plan – There may be hidden gems that have the potential to grow further with the right type of support, and there may be those who were intended for promotion but who lack the motivation to take on new responsibilities. Findings from Review processes are often used for succession planning purposes, and selection of talents for internal development. We help to select the leaders of tomorrow, and give advice on how they can reach their potential.


Team development plan – Based on information gathered on the individual level among the key employees, the consultant can draw conclusions on the team and organization level and report on trends and overall findings that can support you in making business decisions. Do you have the right people in the right place? Are there gaps that can be closed internally or through recruitment? Are there underlying issues that affect productivity and team spirit?

1:1 career session


With shortage of qualified candidates and tough competition for the best talent, the recruitment process is difficult and time consuming.
What do we do?

INDIVIDUALS are independent career consultants, that you can share and discuss goals, challenges, meaning and aspirations with.

We have an extensive network of ambitious young professionals that we can connect you with through our 1:1 career sessions and mentor programs from Copenhagen to London, New York, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Why talk with us?

As external consultants, with no previous perception of you or stakes in your career, we provide a new and honest perspective on your life’s direction.

Having an open and honest conversation about your needs and desires will increase your self-awareness and shed light on your strengths and limitations, enabling you to utilize your full potential.

What do you get out of it?

If you want something tangible, we provide an award-winning behavioral profile which can be a good starting point for the conversation and your development.

What do we talk about?

– What do you spend your time on?
– What do you like to do and not do?
– In which direction are you heading?
– What are you biggest challenges?
– Do you have a plan?
– Is there a need for a plan?
– The connection between your career and private life?
– How can we strengthen that connection?

What happens on the first session?

The purpose of the first session is to get to know you as an individual. Having a conversation about how we can help you and how you can benefit from talking with us. We draw the big picture together and set the direction of where to go from here.

How, when, and where?

A session takes between 1 and 2 hours. We provide sessions every day including weekends both during daytime but also after “regular” workhours.

The session can take place at our office at Lyngbyvej 2, Vibenshuset or at 819 West Nanjing Road, WeWork. We can also come to you or we can meet at an external location

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